I'm single

So I meet this guy on this app called Meetme. It's a social app to just take to strangers. So we are talking and then we exchange numbers, after a few jokes were told. Then we tried to find a way to meet in person he was working and I was working so it didn't have time. So after a few weeks of not meeting we finally meet and we hanged out. It was fine we clicked very well. Then came out second date , we hang out at his place, so I'm chilling having a great time next thing I know we end up having sex, which I didn't mind because I was in the mood. So now it's been an entire month ( 30 days) and I have yet to see this boy in person again. He told me we have plans for the summer, I'm the only girl in his life and that he wants hangout with me more. He really really likes me... the chemistry ( non sexual) is great we laugh we joke around. Yet his phone communication sucks. How do you just read my messages and not reply. Then don't call back after I called your phone. Or how you can post on snapchat and such and not even reply to my text messages. Now he's avoiding me and not talking to me. So I'm single now. I'm going to be a priority this time. On to the next one.