Feeling alone!

I'm feeling so lonely! I do suffer from sever anxiety and depression and have been off meds since I got pregnant! It's not an option to go back on meds! I have been feeling so alone the last few weeks it's crazy! I cry almost daily and it's to the point I can't even hide it from my 5 year old! I feel so bad for that! I've tried talking to my so and all he asks is what he did wrong or why I'm mad at him. I don't have very many friends...well actually like 2 lol that's Cuz of my anxiety. I can't talk to my family they don't understand and just try and force meds on me which I am not willing to use until I have the baby! I'm six months along and just really struggling with how to deal with the alone feelings and what I can do to approach my so about not being mad at him just feeling alone! I should also mention that since getting pregnant we have really distanced from each other so that's made it even harder for me