The depo blues

Sarah • Due with my first baby April 2018
I was on depo for almost a year, tried nexplanon for 3 months then went back to the shot for the next 1-2 years(not sure on exact timeline). I've been ttc for 13 months now. <a href="">Tracking ovulation</a>, my cervix, my temp. Everything I can do. I'm calling the gynecologist Monday to talk about testing. I just feel like I set myself up for this struggle to get pregnant. Did the bc cause a block my ovaries? Did it mess up my hormone levels? I wish I would've done the research before ever getting on that stupid shot😢💔 I know its most likely because of the birth control that I haven't conceived. I have 9 siblings and all of them have multiple kids and I'm the only one that's ever been on birth control and now I'm the only one who can't conceive..