Woman's March 💪👑

My eyes started watering up after seeing all the strong women, children, and men who are standing up for woman's rights. I was in a physically abusive relationship and he did rape me as well. My ex believes he can just grab women by the pussies, as Trump has said. My ex believes that he can punch women in the face and strangle them, as he did to me. Trump has spoken of punching people in the face as well. This is not okay. This IS a big deal. His sexist and racist comments whether he claims as jokes or not are not something to sweep under the rug. They are hurtful and trigger horrid memories. He is a role model now. This is not the role model I want for my future children! And I am so proud of everyone who has protested today. There are things that need changing. And by speaking up you are making a difference! My heart goes out to women everywhere who have suffered or are currently suffering with rape, abuse, and/or inequality because sadly those things happen every single day. There is much more to speak on on this topic so if you would like to please share your thoughts and experiences here. ❤️