Freezer Meal Madness!


Today, Mom, Dad, and I worked for 8 hours making freezer meals to help make life a little easier for Christopher and me once Charlotte arrives. We used Mom's tried and true recipes, so we know it will all be great! Here's what we made with less than $200 in groceries:

1. Beef Enchiladas (2 pans of 4)

2. Lasagna (2 pans)

3. Meatballs (4 packs of 21)

4. Chicken Pot Pie (2 pans)

5. Meatloaf (3 pans)

6. Chicken Tetrazzini (3 pans)

7. Chicken Chimichangas (2 pans of 4)

8. Mexican Chicken Casserole (2 pans)

9. Hamburgers (3 packs of 4)

Figuring conservatively, we have about 58 nights of dinners for the two of us (though I'm betting it will be more) that cost less than $2 per serving!

EDIT: Mom took the rest of the ingredients with her to make pasta e fagioli, taco soup, and veggie beef soup. Dad will put it in jars for me since my freezers are full, so there's actually more than this!