fight with husband

So the argument started cuz he never starts instigating sex. I have been starting it for the past 3 months. I started crying because I don't feel loved and I tried to express that to him cuz all he wants to do while we are together is not touch me and stay on Facebook. Then he goes to tell me that I shouldn't be worrying about sex (we have only had sex 3 times this month) because I should be worried about the remodel of his grandmothers house. We are looking at probably 50,000-60,000 for the remodel of a house that is only 900sq ft. The house isn't worth what we are about to pour into it. So I try to see where his head is and I asked what has him so stressed out that he doesn't want sex period. His reply is that the bank won't loan us the money to do it. I told him to wait to worry about that when it gets to that point. We haven't even got an estimate yet. So these are the steps. Estimate, loan, start on remodel. But he just wants to worry about the loan part. I understand that the loan part is a big part but why worry about it yet. I'm the type of person that won't worry about it till it is time for it. He thinks that I'm only worried about sex cuz I want a baby. Yes I want a baby and yes I'm doing what I can to have one but I also don't wanna bring a baby into a house that is almost not fit to live in. I mean we can almost build a new house for what it is gonna cost to remodel this house. But I walked off after he says he doesn't know how our marriage is gonna last if we keep arguing about little things. And I said well you are just getting to sentimental about this house and he yells and says it's the last thing he has of his grandfather ( that he never met). My daddy called me today cuz he is worried about the remodel. He knows the house isn't worth the fixing up, but Zach and his family doesn't wanna think about the fact that the house isn't worth it (on a financial point). I don't know what to think or do at this point.
Up Date: I ended up sleeping on the couch and this morning after thinking about it very hard I went and told my hubby I shouldn't have said what I did and I was sorry and he said the same. Today has been pretty good so far 😉😉