Explain The "Democrat" Mindset to me, please

k!! Because apperently this wasn't clear! I DO NOT GIVE A FLYING FUCK WHAT YOU BELEIVE!! Believe whatever you want!!
BUT, someone please explain the mindset behind ANYONE verbally berating/bullying/abusing/assaulting someone of a different mindset, be they rebublican, democrat, gay, straight, Thai, French, WHATEVER into your beleifs. How is that a positive way to move forward as a country and why do people think it's acceptable?
Let me start this off by openly stating I am a rebuplican living in Texas. BUT!!!! I don't care what anyone else believes. I truly believe everyone is entitled to their own opinions and to their own beliefs. 
But, I keep having the same conversation over and over with democrats here.
[Something comes up that gives away my political beliefs]
I've had this conversation multiple times and I don't get the mindset. I'm more than happy to stand up for my right to MY beliefs, but I would never ever try to impose, especially by abuse, my beliefs on someone else. In fact, the only thing I can not accept someone else believing is Hilary Clinton being a good person. In my mind, there is solid proof she is not. But even then, unless someone hounds me on why I didn't want her to be president, I don't bring that up.
So. Can someone explain to me why, in what seems to be a large percentage of the democrats in america's minds, it is ok to try and assault people into going along with their views? I notice it when I watch the news (ie. Being told I was a bad woman for not supporting Hilary before she was running against Trump. Or, that a vote for Trump is a vote against women's rights. For the record, Obamacare was more of a curse on me than a blessing) from higher ups in the Democratic Party, but, and it's very possible I'm blind to it,  I don't notice it from the reublican party (outside the orange bafoon we currently have as president).
Reading comp is not a strong suit on this app.