I'm losing it & I'm giving up

I don't even know where to begin. There are a few reasons why I am so depressed. My top reason would probably be my debt. Then I just lost a job I really wanted & have been wanting for years now. I've had two of my cars repo'd so I have no vehicle, I have no job, I have no money, everything I owned was either sold, taken, or in a storage. The only thing I have left is crumbles of what I could hold on to & my bf. He's the only one working. He is making good money to support both of us and his daughter from another relationship. He says the money he makes is for us. But sometimes I don't feel that way. I think it's bc I'm use to having things of my own, doing things on my own & never needed to ask anyone for help. And he isn't on child support so he sends whatever amount of money that his ex asks for, for their daughter. Last week he sent 200 and then this week he sent another 200 and didn't tell me. I understand his daughter needs things I jus don't understand why he wouldn't tell me if it's apparently OUR money. Also, I am the one who has to pay 273/mth of child support for my son.But since I haven't had a job in almost a year and just lost a job because I was denied a passport for the job by child support. I am way behind and probably have a warrant for my arrest.  My bf said he'd help me pay but hasn't attempted to help and I haven't asked. I keep asking for my sons dad to help me by dropping the child support till I can get back on my feet but he isn't wanting to budge. 
 I have never needed to depend on ANYONE & now I am. I had an absolute breakdown the other day when my bf said he noticed I wasn't myself. I usually try to hide my depression bc I don't want him to worry too much & be a distraction. But when he said he noticed I haven't had pride in anything I do, I lost it. My emotions just poured out. He's not part of the reason I'm depressed. But I told him I have no pride because there is nothing for me to be proud of. There's nothing I doing. I have nothing. Everything I have worked for is gone. I am so far behind in debt that I see no way out. I can't ask my parents for help because I already owe them money, my one & only friend I had is lost too because I owe her money & our relationship hasn't been the same. So I've lost that.  We are in a different state now because of my bfs job but I have no vehicle for me to get out of the apt for job hunting or jus to get out the house. The only mode of transportation we have is a motorcycle. I've had a motorcycle accident before and right now I'm just not ready to ride again. I just feel so alone & useless. I'm going nowhere fast & falling into the biggest and deepest hole. I literally see no way out. I have no one. Nothing. Not even a penny to my name. My bank account of overdrafted 200. I am ready to give up.