Seriously freaking out.


So I know being anxious and having doubts are all a part of becoming a new mom but I don't know if I've opened a can of worms or I'm just completely overwhelmed and overthinking things. 

So my due date is in two weeks (02/15) this is my first and overall I've had a very easy pregnancy. I was pretty anxious and excited about being so close to my due date that I started looking back on old pictures and from around the time I got pregnant. 

Now here's where I'm freaking out more then a FTM should be. Prior to being pregnant my fiancé and I had been living together and we were very big into the drinking and partying as well as using recreational drugs like weed and cocaine. At the time we had also been exploring our sexual preferences and had a threesome with his best friend. There was even a night that with my fiancés blessing he encouraged me to sleep with his best friend alone, it was a part of this "Hotwife" fantasy he had, so we went ahead and followed through with it. It wasn't anything extravagant and was over faster then it started and his friend pulled out, finishing on the sheets and got a little on my taint area, I cleaned up and rejoined my fiancé in the other room where we went on to continue drinking and having fun of our own and he came inside me as he always has. A month later I found out I was pregnant and didn't think anything of it nor questioned it till now, while I'm looking back on dates. 

Obviously a piece of me is terrified that I could potentially be pregnant with his best friend and another part of me doesn't think I am since he pulled out and the only one to ever finish in me was my fiancé for the last year. Without a DNA test I don't think my fears will be solved but to do that I'd need to tell my fiancé about my doubts but I'm also scared he'll be hurt and it will create a lot of tension in our relationship especially so close to my due date and the fact that we just moved into our new home. 

Do you think I should tell my fiancé about my doubts or relax because the likelihood of it being his best friends kid is very unlikely?