if you think you're leaking fluid

Just wanted to tell everyone that may not be as experienced with labor and delivery that if you are leaking fluid and even think your water has broken, call your doctor! It's not always a gush, sometimes just a small leak that feels like your peeing a little all day long. The baby's head can be in the way so a ton of fluid doesn't come out. The reason it's so important to call and find out is that once you membrane has ruptured there is an increased risk of infection that can be harmful for both you and baby. Also, don't think that if your water breaks contractions will always start. They don't. Just be safe and get it checked if you even think your water has broken. It's not worth the risk. I wish everyone a healthy labor and delivery, and I'd hate for someone to get sick or a baby to get sick because you didn't know to call your provider or go to the hospital. We're almost there!