Melania Trump...


I like how everyone calls Melania Trump a dumb slut or bimbo when she:

- was not apologetic for posing nude because she loves her body and sees the human body as art

- was very successful as a model even very young and, according to those who worked with her, very pleasant to work with

- speaks SIX different languages

- is actively and constantly involved in her son's life and wants nothing more than his protection and a safe learning environment for him

- attended university (even if only for a year) and went to school for photography and design

- wants to maintain her own life outside of just being a prop for her husband

- initially rejected Donald because she didn't want to just be another temporary woman

- literally said she doesn't agree with her husband on everything and says he needs to stay off the social media and cut out the ugly language

- wants to end cyber-bullying among today's youth

- runs her own jewelry and skincare lines

- heavily involves herself in charitable organizations

- actually has not gotten the alleged plastic surgeries and instead wishes to grow older gracefully like her mom did

No, she isn't perfect. She plagiarized part of Former First Lady Michelle's speech. She hasn't addressed some of the harmful things her husband has said. And yeah, she probably has some proving herself to do. But don't call her a slut or call her stupid when she obviously isn't either of those things.