Relationship advice needed 🙄

I have been with my boyfriend for almost seven months. We see everyday and I always stay the night at his place, he plays his computer / takes nap and I watch tv or play with my phone. Nowdays he doesn't visit my home, says that there is nothing to do. Sometimes we watch movie together, but thats about it. Today I wanted to talk with him, is everything okay for him. He just answered to all questions that he doesn't know. I also wanted to know if everything fine with us and his answer was "I guess". Short conversation and mainly me speaking. I don't know if he wants more time alone or what, because when I asked he didn't knew either. Sometimes I feel that I'm just in his way. I'm currently suffering from anxiety, depression and some panic attacks, so my confidence is also low atm. I like to hang at hus house, because I don't like to be alone with my thoughts. Any advice for making situation better?