Not Wanting To Go Back

My husband, I, and our daughter are currently living with his parents, in addition to his sister and husband and their three kids, plus his brother and girlfriend and their three kids. The house it crowded, cluttered, dirty, and noisy. I can't stand it anymore. My husband has been promising me a house since before I got pregnant. Needless to say he hasn't fulfilled it. My parents have said we could come and live with them until we can get a place of our own. He doesn't even though our current living situation stresses me out. I'm stuck in one room all day, since I can't breastfeed in the living room or any other room. However, I can breastfeed anywhere in my parents house and have less stress, plus a lot of help. I'm currently at my parents house. I'm seriously considering not going back until he fulfill his promises. I'm done being patient, stressed, and depressed. I want to be a good mother. I think not going back will be what's best.