Emotionally overwhelmed... I lost a part of me today.

My sweet goddaughter Paetyn was basically removed from my life today. After months of playing "mom", after being the one to take her to the doctor when her mom wouldn't, after buying her formula and diapers because her mom was lying about having WIc, after staying sober while my friends drink just so her mom could do meth, after her mom telling me she's pregnant again even though her child was only 2 months, after struggling through school and babysitters, after fighting with my fiancé about this baby "not being ours", I came out losing in the end. After her mom lying about stealing, drug use, and family issues, her sister finally found out the truth that I thought everyone knew to begin with.  Her mom's sister decided to take Paetyn... no matter how much I tried convincing her, no matter how much I offered to pay for legal fees, no matter how many months we spent together- it's all gone.