HELP!! what does this mean?

katie • 25. teacher. dog mom. taken. Christ follower. 💕
okay so last night i went out with a guy and he came back to my place and long story short he went down on me (he asked if he could) and so i returned the favor. we talked some after and then fell asleep. this morning in bed we were talking and cuddling and things escalated and he fingered me so i wanted to return the favor, and also i genuinely enjoy giving head. afterwards i got up to brush my teeth and came back and he said "you didn't have to do that" (referring to me giving him head) and i was kind of confused and then said "oh i wanted to" and he was like "okay i'm not complaining haha" and then things were fine. do you think he just didn't want me to feel obligated to return the favor? idk i've never had a guy say that so it kinda made me insecure 😅