Do you think you have "bad" parents?


I just want to know how other people define "bad" or "good" parents. I really don't believe you can just define a person as bad or good but I just believe I have an awful set of parents. I was mainly raised by my mother and I wish I could share my life story so someone could understand but long story short my mother hates being a mother(her words). She complains about it all the time. Says how she can't wait till we're all 18 and gone because she doesn't want to be a mother anymore and never wanted to be. Which makes no sense to me because you never stop being a mother right?

She always talks about how much she's sacrificed and she is tired of sacrificing.

Anyways, she acts that way as well. Like she hates us, I've barely even spent time with her my whole life.

My father on the other hand loves being a dad but his addiction is a handicap. He's been an addict my whole life and was hardly ever around, caused many problems with my mother. But he loves his children and actually tries to raise us to not go his route in life. I honestly believe that if he wasn't an addict he'd be a great father but who knows..

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