PCOS question!

so I was diagnosed with PCOS November 2015. I was on birth control and metformin and it was a huge helper. As soon as I got off birth control, my period came when it was supposed to and then was absent for 3 months (that's when I went to the doctor and found out). Well now I'm off birth control again cause I'm TTC and I got off in October and have a regular period November and December. Now, I'm cycle day 35 and waiting. I took pregnancy tests like a week and a couple days ago because it was the early home tests that's supposed to detect 5 days before. All negative. So, should I take another test? November was a 28 day cycle and December was a 32 day cycle. Usually I have breast tenderness and mood swings as a hue indicator that AF is coming. I don't have breast tendernesss but I am very irritable and mood swingy. Any PCOS sisters have this problem? Does metformin really not regulate? Or only for a little while... should I take another test? Thank you for reading!!