Got Sad News

Candice • My husband and I`ve been married 2 wonderful years and now trying to start our family.
So I got the callback from my fertility specialist on all my blood work. She found some very upsetting news for me. When I was 16 I went to have surgery on to remove these little pea shape ball from the inside of my nose to help me breath better, they canceled the surgery due to my bleeding time being off. They made me go see a blood specialist. He did all the work ups and found nothing that would be a danger to me. Well 10 years later I go see a fertility specialists and she does a whole work on me as well, then as my test results come back she had to talk to a blood specialist. Apparently my blood is very thick and I've been at risk for 10 years to having a blood clots without ever knowing. Now you can see how I'm upset by this news because I was told at 16 everything was fine. As she continues to talk to me my mind is racing and she tells me to start taking low dose of aspirin every day and that the minute I find out I'm pregnant to call her immediately to be given this shot. I just thought ok a shot once a month for nine months, she says no you have to take this shot every day for nine months along with the aspirin to keep from clotting up at the implant site to help keep my blood a normal range while pregnant. I start to cry because know everything was making sense. She confirms that I was pregnant before but since my blood was thick it clotted up and I lost the babies. I lost a set of twins with my exhusband and my current husband and I have lost two. I cried for my lost babies knowing if I was told about this 10 years ago things could have been different. The two times I was pregnant with my husband people thought I was crazy because nothing was making sense I would have morning sickness for only about a week and all the cravings but then they would go away and I would have a massive bleed. My husband never thought I was crazy. Right after we got married I new I was pregnant, I started to show and my cravings were everywhere and my morning sickness was horrible and I didn't have my period for four months. I went to the doctor because one test said I was pregnant and then right before I saw her it said I wasn't. She had me take a blood test and it was negative and then about a week later i had the worse bleed ever. It's been a crazy few days for me and my husband to find out my life has been changed for ever and it was hard to accept this. I mean I have to take a pill the rest of my life and then to take a shot every for nine months was a lot to take in. I no it will be worth it in the end. I've been put on the extremely high risk list for when I get pregnant, I just wish it wasn't going to be this hard. We're now on our second treatment of five, so we are hoping that this round works. My husband has been extremely supportive since I've told him, he took the news a little hard because he knew I was crazy and that we lost two babies but he told me that god has a plan for us and he said when we finally get to hold our child in our arms we will be that much more grateful and appreciate our little miracle. I no he's right. I thank god everyday for my husband.
I just want to know if anyone else has gone through something similar to this.