My baby boy was born 1/18/17

Vanessa • Im 26 years old a mother of 2 i have been trying for bby #2 for 21/2 years i dnt have a normal cycle. And june 2 2016 i got my bfp for baby #2 and we r so excited
I went in jan/11 with some pains turns out thy wjere mild contractions and i was at a 1 and had pre hypertension ... I wasnt due for my c section untill 1/31 but because of all this thy said we will b doing the c section at 37 weeks 1/18 i was scared but happy at the same time ... With my daughter in 2011 i went into cardiac arrest seizure during the epidural whitch i was so scared to not making it out alive with this baby but god was with me tht day during the epidural and all they ended up doing a spinal epidural and im so glade they did because my bby was born at 11.08am and when thy where closing me back up i started to feel EVERYTHING. So thy gave me some more meds threw the epidural my bby born was finaly born after waiting over 2 and a half years for him hes hear all 8 pound and 5 oz he did drop down to 7 pound 11 oz b4 we left the hospital. I was standing up tht same night and walking by the next morning 😀 i was so ready to go hone we r now home and enjoying our little bundle 😍 so for me there was no pain what so ever with the epidural .... Its so werid how thy push on the top of ur tummy to push the baby out of the c section. The werse part was when thy where pushing him out to the c section .. My little bundle was worth all the after pain which wasnt to nad eaither :) im still healing but doing great