What should I do

Tay 💕🤘🏾
I've been with my man for 3 years and the past 4 days have been rough because of petty arguments but today when I went to work he moved out. He sent me a message breaking up with me and that was that. He reached out wanting to talk to me throughout the day but because I was hurting I didn't really want to talk. I was logged into his Facebook and he messaged two of his exes (one I physically fought 3 months ago) and he told them he was sorry and he told one that she was his true love and that he wants to try and work on them getting back together and he told the other that she was amazing and an angel, etc. He then inboxed another girl talking about we should have been had sex and they exchanged nudes. I called him and we talked for an hour about it & he said he was so depressed over us that he took pills and he was just acting out. Should I forgive or should I let him go? I really do love him & this is really hurting me especially because it all happened in the matter of 6 hours.