I just don't even know what to think 😔

Jasmin • TTC at 23 with PCOS.
Let me start off by telling you a little bit about myself I have a three-year-old son that was born on November 2013 and about two weeks after I had him I decided to get on birth control and I decided to go with iud mirena.... and well me and my fiancé decided to try for second kid I am currently 20 years old and he is 21 years old we have a very stable living situation and we want to give our first kid a sibling..and well I took out the birth control on September 2015 and me and my significant other had no luck at all. I am so tired so frustrated of trying month after month after month and no doctor ever take me serious. All because of my age as much as I tried to tell them that them telling me I'm way too young to be stressing out about this or how I should go out and enjoy my early 20s is the most frustrating and disrespectful thing EVER!
......I'm just honestly ready to say F this I'm done trying😪