Pregnancy After Depo.

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Hey ladies,
I know there are a few ladies who had gotten the depo shot as a form of birth control & now trying to conceive i just wanted to share my story if it evens helps one person.
I had gotten depo after my second son was born, i only got two shots & never returned for the third dose which was September, 2011.
Ever since then we've been trying to have another baby with no luck, seeing as they say it takes about a year to get pregnant, i came off depo early.
I tried from September 2011 - November 2015 to get pregnant naturally, no help.
never happened.
Finally i got fed up and thought something MUST be wrong with me, i seen a fertility specialist about my body just to see if everything is okay & my body was functioning normally (i.e ovulating, producing the right hormones, etc..) turns out everything was fine, i was ovulating, nothing was wrong.
i was monitored from December 14th (LMP) - now.Β 
I had regular periods the whole time.
& iunno what kinda lube they put on the ultrasound probe or if my cervix just needed to be poked every 3 days.
But, im pregnant! Naturally, no clomid, no nothing after almost 5years, im pregnant.
i did gain massive amounts of weight in the short 6mnths i was on depo & i was huge as hell, i think i still am pretty big but i was never big my whole life, so these curves and extra fat in places i don't want it is all new to me. Anyways i thought the depo was hiding in my fat pockets...maybe?
I have no clue, but im shocked, happy & just totally taken back.
Its been such a long time since i've been pregnant but im over the moon for this journey & i pray to God everyday to keep his hands on me & my baby.
I hope anyone who reads this will have more hope & faith in getting pregnant because miracles & blessings are real & now i can only gives thanks to God for blessing me with this journey again.
Thank You! πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½
P.s if you have any questions about symptoms, pregnancy related or depo related feel free to ask. 😊😘
Baby dust to all! ❀️❀️