husband slept in other room

Last night my husband slept in the guest room. 
Why? I'm 22 weeks pregnant and cursed with the nose of a blood hound. He went out to dinner last night at a Brazilian steakhouse with friends for a bachelor party and came back REEKING of garlic! It was so bad that he permeated the bedroom with his garlic breath smell! I was having trouble sleeping anyway, but I was most comfortable on my left side, and anytime I was on that side, he would turn and face me and I would get nauseous from his breath.   I tried tolerating it, but eventually it was too much for me to handle and I told him I was going to move to the other room to sleep, and he instead decided to move because he doesn't want me sleeping on the futon. I feel bad it's affecting me and I know it was completely out of his control!!
Now I'm researching ways of how to help get rid of garlic breath. It's almost 7 in the morning, he came back to our bed since I had to get up for work, and he still funks BAD. 
**fun fact I learned: there is a chemical in garlic that is absorbed in the blood stream, so that garlic breath smell that you're cursed with a day after eating it, it's because it's coming from your lungs and pores!! I made him use mouthwash twice last night, which only helped for 5 seconds. Granted he will keep the vampires away, but I'm feeding him mint tea and apples or else he's going to be quite lonely at work today!!
Damn you garlic, why are you so delicious yet dangerous??