Sex Horror Stories

Chloe • | Gamer | Financial Consultant |
I want to share a sex horror story I experienced, and would love to hear yours too! Give us the worst of!
Late last year (2016) I was having sex with my boyfriend at the time. He and I were very sexually active together and never once had a problem like this occur.
I was riding him quite aggressively, and too quickly; up and down like a jack hammer. He slipped out for a brief moment but I was already mid down motion by the time I realised. His penis slammed back into me in a tight, full sensation. 
Shortly after, he threw me onto my back and finished off our love making session in missionary. My fingers were rubbing my clit and I said to him as he came, "You've made me so wet."
He laid there looking at me and smiling at me sweetly - as you do, before I looked down and said, "Oh my god." He, not realising what had happened, took longer to react to my horrified expression. 
From my navel to my knees I was covered in blood. He had blood all over his abdomen, his penis, and his upper thighs. There was a pool of it on his white sheets. We panicked and flew up from the bed. As we started started to strip the bed together, we both realised that the blood was me. And a steady flow was dripping onto the floor from my vagina - so unlike a period flow. 
He asked me if my period was due as we both got into the shower and I said no, I'd had it less than 2 weeks ago and am very regular. He put his fingers inside me and I felt a sharp stinging pain on the inside walls of my vagina on both the left and right side but not the front or back.
We quickly realised the jack hammer move had split me open. Even after a shower, I bled for another hour. I couldn't have sex for over a week. I wanted to see a doctor as I probably needed stitches, but I was too embarrassed to tell a doctor, "I broke my vagina while having sex."
PS- The white sheets survived and are stainless. Thank god.
So! 😊
Give us your most horrific, intimidating sex horror stories come true. Would love to hear some good ones.