pregnant and in college

This is just a post to really kind of vent because today was kind of a weird day for me and the first time I have ever felt this way while pregnant. 
So today I started my final semester of my senior year of college. A lot do my friends are in my classes and I'm really excited about that! I felt a little uncomfortable today because a lot of people do not know I'm pregnant yet. My friends were talking about going out and stuff like that, and I could help but feel a little awkward. I am not saying I am wishing I never got pregnant or anything, it's just a completely different feeling. I'm 21 so part of me is still all about my friends and another part of me is preparing to be a mother. I am nervous to show my classmates my belly when I get bigger and walk around with it. Walking the stage in May is another thing I get anxiety over. I'll be 28 weeks and will have a decent sized belly. I feel as if I am more excited around my family and my boyfriend, and more scared of opinions of other at school. I usually am not like this.  This is my first time having a child, could anyone help ease some of these fears and feelings for me?  Please no negativity!