God ?

I've never been a firm believer but I'm also not an atheist. My husband really wants me to be more spiritual and accept Jesus Christ as my savior. I'm not 100% sold but I'm also not against it. I'm not sure what's preventing me from believing. I do have commitment issues lol so maybe that's it ! But on a serious note- 
What's your faith journey ? What's your connection to God? How did you know this belief system was for you ? What strengthened it ? What made it undeniable?
I've tried reading the Bible but I just can't get into it. I've gone to church and been to religious retreats- maybe something is just wrong with me? Help me out ladies !
As a side note- last night I had the weirdest feeling. I was awake but asleep. I felt something come up behind me. It felt heavy and dark and I felt scared. I couldn't move my body and I couldn't speak. It happened twice.  My husband is comvninced for this reason I need to do some soul searching. I just don't know !!