Recurrent missed miscarriage


So, it's happened again....after a chemical pregnancy in June, a mmc in August (trisomy 13), fertility and genetic testing (told there is absolutely nothing wrong), we have experienced another mmc. This time we saw a strong hb twice and then baby had no hb and stopped growing at 10w3d. Going in for D&C tomorrow and testing will be done on the fetus again.

I honestly don't know if we should keep trying. I'm 40, my husband is 31. I have 3 children of my own and he has none. I want to have a child with him and he would make a great dad, but I just feel like my body is failing us and it won't happen. 3 losses in 7 months....I have no problem getting pregnant, we just make sick babies. I thought possibly about <a href="">ivf</a>, but not sure if we can jump right to that.

After we get the test results from the fetus, we will see our fertility doc again about our options, but I feel as if time is running out....

I just feel lost right now