Hormonal or Justified?


So I'm really, really, REALLY upset with my fiance's family right now, for a large number of reasons, honestly. It seems like theyre just getting overbearing and controlling. But here's my top 3 reasons as of right now:

1- my fiance and I were supposed to be moving to a city 4 hours away from where we are now, because he had a better job oppertunity there. But his mom convinced him it wouldn't be a smart decision and that it would upset her and the family, and how he needs to rethink it. So he never applied for the job he was supposed to apply for in the other city. Now, I know, we're having a baby and they're used to us being 20 min away and it's a big change. I understand they may not like it. But my fiance HATES where he's working right now and wants to leave, and unfortunately he doesn't have any other job opportunities here. My lease is up in July, I'd just be getting off of maternity leave at that time, and it would have made for a smooth transition. If we had moved, he would have gotten a raise, we would have been closer to my family, childcare would be easy to find, there's plenty of apartments in our budget, and I could have found work no problem. Now, we're stuck in a small town where he's working a job he hates, we're struggling to find another apartment within our budget, it's going to be near impossible for me to work, and daycare is out of the question if I do work. And they aren't in a place to help us out. Lovely, right?

2- Oh! And now they're pissed and calling me selfish because I don't want them at the hospital when I give birth, and telling me "I need to rethink that". This was something I stated from the very beginning, for my family and his. I DO NOT WANT VISITORS AT THE HOSPITAL. And you know what? I'm allowed to want the first days of my baby's life to be about me, my fiance, and our new child. My family is respecting that. Because they live 4 hours away, they most likely won't meet baby for MONTHS. his family can chill wait a couple of days.

3- and last but not least, the cherry on this crap sundae, apparently I need to magically be able to make my lease on my apartment go away because it's not a good place to have the baby. Well no shit sherlock. Had I known I was going to get pregnant I would have gotten my own place instead of having roommates this year. But I don't have the finances to pay off 6 months of my lease, and they sure aren't going to pay it off for me. What the fuck am I supposed to do? We're making do with what we have until we can move. And honestly, my roommates don't care that we're having a baby, and I know the baby is not gonna care that she spent her first few months in a bedroom in a apartment full of other people; she's not gonna remember any of this! I'm focusing on the positive: we have everything she needs, it's only a few months, and it's 10 min from my hospital. Anywhere we move now is going to be around an hour away from any hospital. Thanks guys. So I really want to punch someone every time they mention how we "need" to pay off my lease and move before the baby comes. Like Yeah, that's nice. Do YOU have the $2500 in cash it would take to do that? Cuz I don't know if you know this or not but I'm about to not be working, he's going to be paying all of our bills, and babies are fucking expensive so we definitely do not have an extra $2500 laying around, plus all the money for deposits to move into a new place.

I'm just tired of hearing how shitty me and him are doing trying to have this baby and get on our own two feet and just make it, and it really hurts knowing it'd be a lot easier if they'd just keep their mouths shut and let us be the adults we are. We're doing what we can. We could be doing better, but the one oppertunity we had, he passed up because of these people. So really, I'm done with them.