ureaplasma is it a problem?

Hi everyone! So I am in need of some advice or guidance. In 2012 my dad passed away, and my body and I had never been through so much stress. A few months after he passed away I began having UTI symptoms. I was tested but came back negative for UTI and that's when my gyn brought up testing for ureaplasma and said it would have been causing the symptoms. I tested positive and so did my husband. We did two rounds of doxy and 2 rounds of levaquin and it still kept testing positive. Since I wasn't having UTI symptoms my doc said to leave it alone since it can also be a natural part of the flora down there. In 2015 I went for my annual and asked to be tested again and to my surprise the test came back negative. Weird because we hadn't treated it in over a year, but she told me that my body took care of it. Fast forward to a few months ago, October,  my husband and I are starting to TTC so I went to make sure everything is good to go and I asked for a ureaplasma test. The test came back positive. I went to another doctor who has been practicing for years and is an ob/gyn, I told him I'm positive but my husband and I want to have a baby so I should treat it now. He told me that he won't treat me because there is no evidence that it actually does anything. I told him that I have read horror stories on google, but he said not to worry about it at all. I also had my sister in law who is 6 months pregnant to ask her ob and her doctor also said that they don't even test for it, and definitely not to treat. I have read all there is to read online and they are a lot of horror stories about women losing there pregnancy between 18 and 24 weeks, but I want to listen to the doctors and not worry, but I can't help it. Anyone have any experience with this? Or what would you do if you were in my shoes? Just listen to the doctors be healthy not worry about it and try to have a baby? Thank you so much to all of you for taking the time to read this. I look forward to your opinions and advice.