so my boyfriend and I are both college students - I live at home for now and he has an apartment off campus with his roommates. We are about an hour away from each other and I tend to go up to him on the weekends. We have our routine of going the week doing our thing and then spending the weekend together since we are close enough to make it work. However when I have to go even two weeks without seeing him it makes me sad and I feel like I'm overly attached or something. It's not him that makes me feel that way I know he misses me too, I just don't handle it as well. And I know there are couples who go months without seeing each other and I have so much respect for that but I definitely couldn't do it. Does anyone have advice or know why I feel like this? I used to be so fine being alone but I'd rather fall asleep next to him than on FaceTime and I want to be better at this "short distance" stuff :( thanks in advance girlies