Being filmed...

Rebecca • Pregnant with my rainbow baby ❤️❤️❤️
This isn't really controversy, just not sure what group to post it in!
Long story short - I'm a babysitter in the U.K., fully qualified in childcare, and police checked. I've been babysitting for a family for 3 weeks now, Monday-Friday evenings. Tonight whilst there I had to reset the internet router, that's when I noticed a camera. I googled it and found the exact model, it's a home survellince camera that you watch the video onto a phone/computer in real time, with sound and video. It was plugged in and switched on. I feel really annoyed that I've been being filmed for 3 weeks WITHOUT my knowledge. I understand parents worry about leaving their children with a babysitter, and I have no problem with the camera, only the fact that I wasn't aware of it, and I don't have a clue who's watching the feed. Not sure how to approach the Mum about it and if I'm even in my rights to be upset about this. Any advice?! Sorry for the long post. X