Baby in the Shower?

Pen • 🌈mama, homebirther, August 2017 mom, 👨‍👩‍👧 TFMR mom, another rainbow coming in December
First timer here. 
I've heard you can take your baby with you into the shower instead of doing the typical bath thing. Seems to me like that would be easier than having that clunky little tub around, and it'd mean mom/dad can get a rinse at the same time, but does it work? I remember taking showers with my mom when I was really little (honestly I don't recall taking baths to get clean as a child, we took baths for fun) so I believe it for toddlers and little kids, but what about the really little ones? 
Any tips from any of you who have tried this? Have you been successful or was it an epic fail? Lol