So pissed

I have an extremely needy 20 week old baby. I can't put her down unless I stay in sight and even then I'm lucky to get 15 mins. Plus she won't be put down for naps, she just screams until her throat is raw.

I ebf and she refuses every bottle.

My husband works at 6 am so I take all night duties, which lately means I'm up every 1-2 hours.

Yesterday my husband went out with a friend after work so I had the baby for a full 24 hours minus the 15 mins he had her so I could shower. Today he told me he would take her for her nap when he got home but instead he was too tired and went to take a nap. Meanwhile I'm dealing with a screaming baby who doesn't want a nap. I've had my daughter almost 36 hours straight with no break.

And I'm pissed!! I'm angry that he has his life basically unchanged, I'm angry that he makes promises and doesn't keep them, I am angry that he is so selfish and I'm so tired I can't control it!

I told him all of this, ended up yelling and his response was to try to kiss me! Get the f*** out of my face!!

Now I feel bad, like I'm an abusive spouse ... I'm always pissed at him lately.