my principal is out to get me.

I have had incredible relationships with the faculty of all the schools I've ever attended until now. I started the year a star student at a new school and have since received a number of awards and was even asked to have pictures taken for the front page of my schools website. I started dating my boyfriend late November and he notoriously is hated by the principal. The more we were together the more she attacked us. A few weeks ago we pulled a small prank on a teacher (harmless) and said principal accused us of legal infractions. Today while leaving the parking lot my boyfriend was speeding (25 tops in a 15) when a parent entered through the exit of the school in the wrong lane and ran him off the road causing $5,000 in damage to my boyfriends vechile. The principal accused us of attempted manslaughter saying we nearly killed the woman (untrue). I have no idea what to do. Advice? She emailed his parents threatening to call the police if he ever drove his car on campus again and will only allow him on campus from 10:45-12pm 2 days a week.