would you be made if your SO did this?

Hubby and I have 2 toddlers. He works 8-5 five days a week and I'm a SAHM. Lately he has made this new click of friends at work and all he wants to do is spend time with them and never wants to be home with me and his kids. He spent all weekend last weekend out with his friends. He spent Saturday and yesterday out with them also. And he informed me that will be becoming a weekly thing. Today I thought we could spend some time together as a family after he got home from work but he didn't get home until 6 because he was talking to friend after work apparently. I had made dinner for him and when he came home he ate two bites before leaving with his friends again. We had a doctors appt for our youngest last week that I was worried about because we were getting test results and he spent the whole time bitching me out (in front of doctors) because the kids were crying and he didn't want to be there. I'm just so irritated at his behavior. I have talked to him at length about how this makes me feel and he listens but never apologizes or changes the behavior. I know for a fact that he's not cheating because his friends come to the house to get him most of the time. He also tells me he loves me all the time but I feel like his lack of help or wanting to be around his family is making me resent him. What would you do?