He just doesnt understand

My bf an i have been completely on two different levels. He expects me to be happy go lucky ALL THE FREAKING TIME. He doesnt understand that i have moods that may or may not be subsided die to how im feeling that day. I get motion sickness w just walking around an he complains when i need to ay down we live in an rv right now an he's working really hard so we can move i get it but when he thinks im being disrespectful when im cranky an in pain from growing this baby its just annoying. He also keeps telling me to stop eating out when we have nothing to cook at home. An bis family owns a restaurant which he eats at every day!!! An im in the wrong!!?? I have depression but thinks im being to sensitive when i actually have feelings. Weve completely stopped having sex too has anyone else completely lost interest because ur outlook on ur partner has changed since being pregnant?.