HELP! is this normal?!? severe periodic cramps at 4w

Hey ladies- I'm debating going in to get checked out. I'm 4w today, positive at home urinary and blood work done this past weekend (thurs hcg was 86, sat am hcg was 197). Seems like normal rising levels but the past few days I've been having some very severe cramps (feels like uterine and not necessarily one-sided) that come and go, usually at night. I also have normal dull period-like cramps during day maybe once every two hours. The severe ones happen 1-3 times a night and last about 15 minutes. Never felt pain like this before- makes me want to vomit (although I haven't yet). No spotting or bleeding at all. Any thoughts? I've read so much online I'm confused- is it normal, could it be constipation pain I'm confusing for uterine, or maybe ectopic??? Help!!!