FTM.. Amniotic fluid or discharge???? 38 weeks!!!!!

Hey guys! So sunday night when me and my husband had sex, afterwards it was really wet ( after i cleaned myself up)  i was sitting up in bed and when i got up there was a wet spot on the bed. Didnt worry too much because he did cum inside me and it always leaks out a bit, but it keeps happening? Ever since then theres always a "fluid" making my vagina wet. It doesnt really leak out down my legs but enough to make my underwear a little wet. Its just a clear fluid. It doesnt look like discharge but im very unsure. I just woke up to go pee & it was wet & it wont stay dry no matter how much i wipe. I dont think its amniotic fluid because wouldnt that like leak out all over? Any advice would be great!!!!