chances of being pragnant and USED

I guess I can ask two questions since I'll tell you guys a little story...So on January 21st which was a Saturday I hooked up with a guy. I met him at a club, which happens to be on his birthday too..he was in town from NYC to Philly. We both got back to his hotel room at 6am...we didn't have sex till 9am (which is now Sunday morning) We had sex without a condom..he didn't get to finish since someone interrupted us. Plus I had work at 9:30..Sunday night he went back to NYC. But we exchanged numbers and he wanted to see me again after he closed his restaurant business in NYC. He told me he was coming to see me but I didn't believe him. He closed at 12 and didn't get to philly till 2:30am. We had sex again on like 6am...he came. Then Tuesday night before he went back around 11pm we had sex again then he also came inside of me..all three times we were too in the moment to grab a condom... mind you guys I haven't been on birth control since summer because I've been too busy to even have sex with anyone till now...I finally went to CVS and got my birth control refilled and started taking them again since Wednesday, the 25th...what are the chances of me being pregnant ... you guys think this guy really wants to know me or he's just using me for sex? Like a two night stand kind of a thing...I mean he drove 2 hours to come see me! He actually canceled two business events he had on Tuesday to come see me. He's 35..and I'm 24. I've been questioning myself as to why a successful man like him isn't in a relationship yet..and why did he came inside me without even asking if I was on some kind of birth control. Ever since he came to see me he haven't even taken the time to call or text me like he did when he left on Sunday. I'm thinking maybe he's busy..
Anyways please help!!!