Unreleastic Expectations?

So my bf and I have been together for three years and our anniversary was today. I'd made it pretty clear that I had got him something.... so I gave him his card and gift (beautiful duck down jacket) and got a lovely card in return. Nothing else. 
Okay no stress, he mustn't have thought we were exchanging gifts. He gets home and knows I've had an awful day (I had to rush my dog to the vet) and still nothing!
Am I being unrealistic in thinking that even a bunch of flowers might have been nice?? He made dinner which was lovely but seems to think that if he does a 'job' that he is God's gift to woman! Then accuses me of having my expectations too high. 
Have tried to talk this out with him but apparently I am blowing it out of proportion and he's gone to have a nap instead of discussing this. 
Am I overreacting here???