Medicine while pregnant

Emily • 22. Taken.
I called my doctor yesterday and asked which sinus medication would be alright for me to take. She named off Benadryl, Claritin, Mucinex and Tylenol... Well I chose not to take the Benadryl because I don't like the fact of it forcing me and the baby to sleep. The Claritin was way too expensive. I tried Tylenol last time and it didn't help that much. (But I think it was because I wasn't taking it every four hours like recommended.) So I picked up the Mucinex and it doesn't seem to be helping that much either. I also took my morning dose of Miralax this morning with my coffee and I'm worried if I go to try the Tylenol again it will be too much for little man... (The Mucinex should be taken every 12 hours and the Tylenol every 4 hours...) Should I wait until the 12 hours is over to try the Tylenol again or would it be okay to take it now? This is my first pregnancy and everything is freaking me out.