Question for dog Mommy's

We got our dog from a couple who were moving and had to get rid of her. She's almost 2 years old and we've had her for about 3 weeks now and she still is peeing and pooping in the house no matter how many times we bring her outside. When we leave she gets into everything even if we try putting things up. She's destroyed my new shoes, blinds, my son's toys, his butt cream(which she threw up all over the house), diapers, garbage which was on the counter and somehow got onto there. I told my husband if she keeps up with this we are getting rid of her. I can't have a dog who destroys everything while I'm taking care of 4 kids and he's at work all the time. He hardly takes care of her as it is and expects me to. It wasn't my choice to get her so why should I get stuck with her? At first I was okay with her doing stuff like that but she keeps doing it so I'm done. Texted him and told him he needs to find a new home for her and he got all mad. Don't even know what to do anymore. Seems to me he's picking that dog over me and his kids. I'm sick of it.