I just need to vent!!

Kendriana • Pregnant with #5 EDD June 25, 2018!! Can't wait to meet my baby!
No bashing please:
36 weeks today! Yay!! But I went to the doctor this morning and was told by the other doctor( my office has two) that I never see that if it's up to her, she won't induce me until I'm 41 weeks when my doctor told me 39.. she had all these tactics of trying to scare me out of naturally inducing myself before then(pumping, castor oil, etc) I never bitch at my doctor but she got the best of me today. After I told her that there was no way I would stay pregnant for another 5 weeks, she tried telling me that my baby's brain is not developed and won't be until then. I was like honey this is my fourth child and I know that babies born at 36 weeks can be completely healthy. And she refused to check my cervix. The doctor I normally see had already started checking me last week. Ugh I was so irritated!! I'm trying to hold off on doing anything but I am miserable! Existing hurts right now! Walking, breathing, even sleeping hurts!!