Baby Names? Baby Name Trouble?

What are your baby names?
 Do you have any trouble with your family because of the names you picked?
 Did your significant other help pick names or was it just you? 
Pic because baby feets are the cutest and look at those little monkey toes on my baby girl 😍💕🙈
I am 22+2 with my little girl and my family is so mean sometimes about my baby names. For my son they made fun of his name up until I signed it on his birth certificate. He is Coltin Michael. With my little girl she is getting named Breehan(bree-anne) Rose 🌹. Rose is after her paternal Grandmother and my family doesn't know that. But they are so mean about it. My s/o picked the name and i loved it, He found it on a google name list under the origin root i was thinking of and then we agreed his mothers middle name. Saying things like any girl whos name starts with bree or bri is a bit*h by name. Or they make fun of the root of the name because of my dads side. Or in my grammas case... she is convinced i am having a bunch of heathen witch babies...