all my ladies pleaseeee

here's my story: 
had sex blah blah blah.
2 weeks before period was due i was throwing up for a week straight {understand that's really early just bare with me}. well i was expecting my period, it finally showed up FIVE DAYS LATE. it last four days long and did have some bright red. seemed like a normal period except there was A LOT of brown. which i never have that much, usually just first day. well once my somewhat normal period ended {which was 4 days ago} i've been having cramps. another thing out of the ordinary. my lower back is killing me. i'm very young so no back problems LOL. and my anxiety for the love of God has been SKY ROCKET for the past two weeks. my anxiety hasn't been this bad in over a year! i was just wondering if i could be pregnant for some reason? this morning i threw up as i was doing my make up, once i got to my night class.. well i threw up again in the parking lot! should i test? like can this even be possible? a positive pregnancy test 4 days after a somewhat normal period? my mom is one of those ladies who always knows when someone is pregnant, she just "feels" it and she's been dragging this on for a week now when i never even told her i was late in the first place. but anyways i'm super sorry, i'm a chatty person!! but if anyone has any advice or stories i would LOVE to hear them and also probabaly need to hear them just in case i need to go test tmrw!! xoxo 😘😘 also if you have any questions i'll update and answer right here!! thx ☺️