shy as hell

So im so shy when it comes to dancig for my man. Like sexy dancing , and twerking for him lol . I know how to move but im just too damn shy we been together for a while like 4 years. I know how to move but im too shy , i always think to myself "what if he doesn't like it? What if he thinks i look stupid? What if its not good enough to the other girls i see on videos? What if he laughs at me?" I hate overthinking i swear !!! I remember one day i was dancing on him while he was sitting down, and he said "what the hell are you doing?" And that just made my self esteem go really down. And ever since i just stopped. Like it took alot of guts to do that and he said that comment and i was like "ok? I guess." Do yall have any tips on how i can just let my ego go ?