Stomach flu


My daughter caught the stomach flu and hasn't been able to keep anything down all day long! She even woke up throwing up i stopped feeding her off my breast and started giving her a bottle of pumped milk and she didn't keep that down either. She ate a little bit and feel asleep and was able to keep that food down for a little over a hour before throwing it up again I've been talking to the dr all day and now I have to give her 5ml of pedi light every 5 minutes for the next 4 hours. I really hope she keeps this down because if she doesn't then we have to go to the ER. I feel bad for my poor sick baby!

Update: a hour and a half later she has been able to keep ALL of the pedi light down!!! She did get very overly tired and was screaming for about 45 minutes until I got her to sleep now I am holding her giving her the pedi light every 5 minutes until 11pm!!

Update: we've made it to the nursing part so she will be nursing for 5 minutes every 30 minutes until morning or unless I know for sure shes keeping everything down! She has had 1 pee diaper and 1 poop diaper already!! I hope she let's me get some rest soon! Thanks for all you support!