my daughter is not herself

Crystal • I`m 21, had my first Sophie Amelia❤😘 still married to the most amazing man ever 😍😘
So it pretty much started last night she didn't get to sleep until around 11 and she fought me the entire time. She woke up around 1 then again around 3 and then again around 5 and then finally woke up for the day at 9. My daughter has been good at sleeping through the night since she was born. She woke up pretty much screaming with tears in her eyes. It scared me then I picked her up and calmed her down. She was good for most of the day and then became very irritable and throwing up pretty much everything she has eaten. I breastfeed her. I don't know if she caught a cold, she doesn't have a fever, or what but I'm pretty worried. She is extremely tired but when she eats she throws it up so she won't go to sleep on an empty tummy. Any other mommys going through this. She hasn't been her happy smiling little self and I miss it. She has on and off napped for maybe 30-40 mins at a time then up for a few hours.