Need Opinions and advice please

My bf of over 3 years and I were having an argument and he all the sudden says " well unlike you I have both of us in my profile picture on everything".. uhh I'm on fb all the time and I have us as one of my top 5 pics and post things about him and tag him in things and he never checks it or replies to it or even SEES it because he's never on there. I showed him that and he said nothing. I know pleanty of people in relationships that don't have both of them in their profile pic like does this even matter? It makes me mad because I try so damn hard and I'm so good to him and something as tiny as that bothers the shit out of him. Wtf? It came out of nowhere. He never just talked to me about it that he would want to take pics together and me have it as my profile pic he just whips it out on a fight..Plus it wasn't even related to the argument.