Should I take a pregnancy test ?? Or not ?

Guys me and my guy had a lot of sex last year , including the end of 2016 . He asked me if I were willing to have a kid , I said " yes " full on . So he did it , I was tracking my period and it came from 21 to 26 of november ( 5 days period very normal ) .
Now is day 2nd of February and I throw up yesterday morning , my belly has definitely gained some weight and I haven't got my period since December ! 
No offense I know a lot of u guys are going to ask how come I haven't gone to the doctor till now ! Simple ; I am 18 , and this would be my 1st pregnancy , and I didn't wanted to see it and not be able to keep it . When I was 15 I became pregnant due to sexual abuse and been forced to abort ! I came from a 5th world country so cops never did anything about it !